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Cyndibands Bright Hair Ties

10 Reasons Why You WIll Love Cyndibands Hair Ties

  • 1 - No-Snag, No-Damage, No-Metal, No-Glue

    Cyndibands are made from a soft elastic that is knotted at the end so there is nothing that pulls on your hair. When you take down your ponytail, you don't have to worry about hair breakage. And speaking of breakage, with Cyndibands knotted hair ties you don't have to deal with any more broken hair ties.
  • 2 - Cute Bracelets

    Cyndibands look stylish and cute when worn as bracelets so it is easy to always have one available. You do not have to be worried about being stuck without a hair tie ever again or about that annoying mark on your wrist.
  • 3 - No Big Dents

    Traditional hair ties are notorious for the large crease they leave in hair even if it is only up for a short time. Cyndibands don't leave a big dent like traditional hair ties and for some they leave no dent at all.
  • 4 - Adjustable Size

    Cyndibands hair ties are hand tied and intentionally not pre-stretched. We do this so you can adjust the size when you first get them. For kids, we usually adjust the knot to make the hair tie smaller. If they are being worn as bracelets, then we will adjust the knot the make them bigger. After a few uses the knot will become tight and the hair tie will be at it's final length.
  • 5 - The Best Elastic

    We are particular about the elastic we use for Cyndibands and spent time to develop our own proprietary elastic that has a tighter weave and higher fabric content that other hair ties.
  • 6 - Color Match Hair Ties

    Cyndibands signature colors are definitely our neutrals that blend and match your hair color. Our best selling sets are our Blonde, Brunette, and Neutral colors.
  • 7 - Bright and Colorful Hair Ties!

    As much as we all love black hair ties, sometimes it's fun to brighten things up with a pop of color. Cyndibands come in a wide array of fun colors and prints that simply make people look and feel happy.
  • 8 - Made In The USA.

    Cyndibands hair ties and headbands are hand cut and tied in Los Angeles, California using imported fabric created just for Cyndibands.
  • 9 - Versatile with Different Hair Types

    People are often surprised by how well Cyndibands work any hair type - whether it is thick, thin, curly or straight. We also offer smaller versions we call Cyndibands Minis for Kids as well as extra large hait ties for Thick Hair.
  • 10 - Stylish Personalized Packaging

    Want a unique gift or party favor? Cyndibands can print your name, logo or custom message on the packaging or hair ties themselves.