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7 Everyday Healthy Foods for Your Healthiest Hair


You've probably heard the saying, "It's what's on the inside that counts." That's very true when it comes to your hair too. While you should be taking care of it from the outside by using hair care products that are free of sulfates and full of nourishing, natural ingredients, and changing your style up to prevent damaging it, you should also be eating right for your hair's health.

So, what should you put on your plate to get your hair healthy from the inside out? Here are seven foods that are easy to find for your healthiest hair ever!


1. Eggs

Eggs are eggs-ceptional for healthy hair, pardon the pun. They're rich in protein and biotin which help your hair grow. Have them hardboiled, scrambled, or any way you like them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

2. Spinach

Another veggie with loads of vitamin A is spinach. It also has folate, iron, and vitamin C, and all of these together can really help moisturize your scalp and keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. Saute it, use it to make a salad, or even toss some in with your omelet for an extra nutritious breakfast.

3. Carrots

Everyone knows carrots are good for their eyes because they contain loads of vitamin A. But that vitamin A is also great for promoting healthy hair and scalp. Eat more carrots in your soups and salads, or even just crunch on them with some hummus for a snack to get faster hair growth.


4. Salmon

This fatty fish, and others like it such as mackerel and herring, are fantastic for getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are exceptionally nourishing for your hair, and for the rest of you too. Grill salmon for dinner tonight for a delicious and nutritious way to better hair, and a better you too!

5. Avocados

Go ahead and dig into that guac! Avocados are full of healthy fats plus vitamin E. With this antioxidant power, it neutralizes free radicals and nourishes your hair. Not into guac? Slice it up on wheat toast, add it to salad, or use it to replace mayonnaise in tuna salad or egg salad.


6. Squash

Green or yellow squash are good for your digestion, blood pressure, and for healthy skin and hair too. They have plenty of fiber and potassium, along with a rich roster of other vitamins and minerals. Cut them into ribbons to replace pasta to get more of these veggies in your diet!


7. Tomatoes

Toss more tomatoes in your salad. They have vitamins A, B, C, and E that all serve to give beautiful shine to hair and prevent dry scalp. If you eat one tomato a day, up that to about four or five of them to really make an impact.

Keep your hair healthy and beautiful from the inside, and Cyndibands will help you keep your style healthy with great seamless fabric hair ties and gentle knotted hair ties that take care your tresses!