The Cyndi Bands® Story

One weekend in July 2010, I decided to make hair ties that were stylish and gentle on hair. My initial intention was to have an endless supply for myself and offer them as gifts to friends. They were an instant hit! My friends could not get enough of them and soon started calling them Cyndibands. Truthfully, I wasn't interested in having them named after me but the name caught on quickly, so it stayed.

Cyndibands are not only cute; they are an essential part of my healthy hair routine. My stylist has been telling me for years that it is not good to wash hair every day, so my second-day hair routine always includes a ponytail or braid. Traditional hair bands would snag and put strain on my hair, which would lead to breakage. Cyndibands hair ties are soft and gentle so I do not have to worry about my hair being damaged when I wear it up.

Creating and developing the Cyndibands brand has been so much fun. People love the variety of colors, wearing Cyndibands on their wrists and how gentle they are on hair. It's been wonderful to see how something so simple can create such excitement!

I do sincerely love the product and like so many people who have tried them just once - I've never worn another type of hair tie again. If you have not already, I hope you give Cyndibands a try and it becomes a part of your healthy hair routine too!