Cyndibands Custom Logo Hair Ties - Client Samples

After printing numerous logos on many different color hair ties and headbands, we have compiled a list to show examples. Get ideas on different color combinations and be inspired. We have included the logo dimensions to help you visualize how your logo will look when printed on our hair ties, headbands and packaging.

Loose Logo Hair Ties - Sublimation Print

Minimum Order: 5000 Hair Ties

Custom Branded Logo Packaging with Hair Ties

Minimum order: 3000 packs

Customized Text Packaging

Reach Pilates
Custom Text Single Packs

Logo Branded Packaging

Custom Logo Packaging

Stylehaul Hair Tie

Beautycon Giveaway

Susan Komen 1 Packs

Susan Komen Race for The Cure
Giveaway Packs for Washing DC Chapter

T3 x Cyndibands Single Packs

T3 Micro
Co-branded New York Fasion Week

Larabar 3 Pack

Logo packaging with 3 hair ties


Happy Birthday Packs

Custom Branded Logo Packaging with Logo Hair Ties

Minimum order: 5000 packs

Shashi 2 Pack Silver Print Hair Tie

Custom logo 2 packs

Love Is Louder Inner Beauty Challenge

Love is Louder Inner Beauty Challenge
Logo 1 packs with logo hair tie

Steve and Kate's Camp Hair Ties Giveaway

Steve and Kate's Camp
Logo 1 pack with logo hair ties

Benefit They're Real

Benefit Cosmetics
Logo pack with logo hair ties