hair ties 2mm hair elastics
  • 2mm hair elastics

Dark Golden Blonde

2mm hair elastics

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Heliums Dark Golden Blonde 2mm Hair Elastics
40 hair elastics
color: Dark Golden Blonde
sku: TEM40MC
brand: Heliums
manufacturer number: TEM40
asin: B0C6M2Z61L
in stock

Product Description

2MM HAIR ELASTICS - 2mm thick and approximately 1.75 inches across MEDIUM HOLD - Thinner hair ties work well to secure fine hair and smaller ponytails. NO-SNAG - Fabric covered multi-use hair ties won't snag and pull hair MATCH YOUR HAIR COLOR - Hair ties in colors that blend in with hair color

  • Heliums 2mm Hair Elastics in Dark Golden Blonde
  • Heliums hair elastics
  • 4mm thick classic style elastics for all day hold
  • 2mm hair elastics

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Dark Golden Blonde 2mm Hair Elastics