Tips For a Tighter Ponytail - The Knot Trick

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Knot Trick Tighter Ponytail

The Knot Trick For a Tighter Ponytail


Our favorite tip for a tighter ponytail! If you want a high ponytail and your Cyndibands hair tie isn't quite tight enough, we suggest you use the Knot Trick. This is our favorite tip to keep your ponytail tight and secure without breaking your hair tie.

Follow these simple steps

  • 1. Start with the knot at the bottom
  • 2. Twist a Cyndibands hair tie around your ponytail as many times as you can
  • 3. If your hair tie is still loose then twist one more time and loop around the knot
  • 4. Finish off by pulling the knot

Voila! You have a ponytail that will last you all day!