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T3 SinglePass

Review: T3 SinglePass X Iron for Demanding Hair


Last week we tested the T3 SinglePass X 1.5" Professional Straightening and Styling Iron and we are hooked! This straightening iron was created with demanding hair in mind, and it passed all of our tests.

Audrey - Marketing Intern

Thick, medium length hair

They say we always want what we don't have. I can attest to this statement when it comes to my hair. I was born with a mixture of my Dad's course hair and my Mom's curly hair and got a frizzy mess. Luckily I live in a generation of products and tools that help me tame my unruly hair but it doesn't come without a price. For Christmas a number of years ago I received my first straightener and my life changed. I was finally able to wear my hair down without it turning into a mini afro but I could only straighten it the day after showering to keep the strands from frizzing up and it took 4o minutes to an hour each time.

After getting the chance to try the T3 SinglePass Iron I was amazed to find that I could straighten my hair immediately after blow drying and my hair was left silky smooth. I also only needed to straighten each section of my hair one time as opposed to my regular straightener that had me straightening each section three to four times. This cut down my actually straightening time to 25 minutes, less than half the amount of time I am used to! My absolute favorite part about the T3 Single Pass Iron is that it gave my hair a beautiful shine when I was finished, no spray was necessary.

It's safe to say that when I'm ready to buy a new straightener I know exactly which one I'm choosing, the T3 SinglePass X Iron!

flatiron before after

To show the difference, Audrey straightened only the right side of her hair with the T3 SinglePass X.

straightening iron in use

The alligator clips that come with the T3 SinglePass X were even impressive and held tightly.

Susie - Customer Service

Long, thick, curyly hair

Where do I even begin? I absolutely LOVE everything about this hair straightener. Targeting demanding hair is just genius and I cannot believe someone has not done it before. My hair has never looked so good! It wasn't just obvious to me, but to anyone I came in contact with. My waist length hair felt like I was wearing hair extensions and it looked so shiny and healthy, I was even having a hard time believing it was my very own. It was literally an AAHH moment when I turned it on. My whole hair took only half an hour to straighten. That time should go on the Guinness world record for fastest time straightening long, thick, curly hair. The best part about it? I did not have to put any additional products to prevent frizziness! My hair was naturally sleek and shiny! Oh and how can I forget to mention the awesome alligator clips that are included?! They have such a strong grip it made straightening my hair that much easier.

I give this straightener two thumbs up and a full five stars for accomplishing what other hair straighteners have not.